THLord Conal Mac Nachtan, GdS

Conal Mac Nachtan, known in the Mundane world as Bill Knight, is a late period Scots Lord, who has affairs in shipping and imports, specifically with teas. spices and silks.

He is widely traveled, and welcomed in most society for the connections he has with the spice trade. He has skills as a Chirurgeon, and is well capable of defending himself. Several times he has answered his Liege's call to arms to defend king and country against invaders and usurpers, and has never shamed himself or his lord.

In the modern world Bill Knight is a Health Physicist, working in the nuclear industry since 1979. He also is widely traveled, his journeys curiously paralleling those of his alter-ego Conal, though arriving at similar destinations by quite different routes.

Another similarity is that Bill is a first aid responder, having worked as an EMT and First Responder in the past. He currently holds Advance First Aid Certifications.

While Bill has never been called to arms to defend his country, he can often be found at local fighter practices and at wars, doing his best to live up to Conal's reputation.

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